ABOUT SKP Photograhers is a special interest group (BOF) within the Escapees RV Club. The Escapees RV Club has an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 members scattered across the United States, Canada and a few other countries. Our special interest group, was formed in May 2013 through the efforts of Lou Petkus and we welcome all photographers from casual to serious. Both our newsletter and membership are free  but only Escapee members may join the BOF. Our goal is to  help members have fun with photography and improve their skills. Like the Escapees RV Club our members are scattered across the U.S. and because of this we do not hold regular meetings as do local photography clubs. Our activities are mostly through our on-line newsletter with meetings at the yearly Escapees RV Rally (Escapade) and occasional workshops in the field at interesting locations. CONTACT INFORMATION  Please make first contact with SKP Photographers via Email at  skpphotographers@gmail.com
BOF Organizer Lou Petkus 82876 Cellphone:  630-750-7291 Home Ph:   630-879-6350 loupet@gmail.com Database Manager Lora Newby 94421 loran57@gmail.com
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