Member Albums -  Upload Instructions By Lou Petkus 82876
Album Features Members upload their own pictures. It is not necessary to resize images before upload. Each member will have 50mb of storage, enough for about about 50 images. Adding titles and captions can be done, online, at any time. Social media buttons have been included. A comments section is available for each image where other members make comments. Viewers can toggle metadata information on/off. Viewers can change the on-screen size of viewed images. Images can be viewed in a full screen slide show. Registering When registering please use your first and last name and SKP# ie: “Lou Petkus 82876” If you feel competent you can dive right in by going directly to the new album page, however, I would recommend you finish reading this article and watch the tutorial videos below first. Step 1:  Click “Register”
Fairhope AL Pier
Photography enthusiasts of the Escapees RV Club
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Step 2:  Enter User name, Password and Email then click “Register” Step 3:  Click “Upload” to upload your photos   Please take note Member albums are a place for you to show off your best work or unique photos. It is not intended to be a repository for all your photos. To keep your album interesting include a title and description for each photo. If your work can be educational to those less skilled try to include what you did with the photo. Perhaps a composition tip, editing method, secret location, cloning process, programs used to enhance the photo or anything else that could be of help to newer photographers.
Please watch the video tutorials below for the finer points of viewing and creating your album
Secrets to better viewing
 Managing your album - tips and tricks