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  • Bob and Betsy Baker - Monday 1 August 2016 18:54
    We got lucky enough to watch and shoot this guy for almost twenty minutes as he ran around on the rock field.
  • Bob and Betsy Baker - Monday 1 August 2016 18:41
    I would like to thank Stella Carroll 102508 for posting her pika image. My wife and I had looked for pikas for years. It was not until Stella posted hers the we got to watch and shoot this one.
  • hfritsche - Saturday 1 August 2015 11:03
    This is magnificent Mark. Wish I'd done that.
  • hfritsche - Monday 8 June 2015 10:41
    I REALLY like this. It looks like you desaturated everything except the eye... but I can't be sure. Perhaps you could have brought out a little more detail in the white feathers, if it's there.
    Good eye Sue (LOL, pun intended).
  • hfritsche - Monday 8 June 2015 10:35
    Very appealing image.
  • Ron Schafer - Sunday 7 June 2015 22:59
    This photo reminds me of a sunset I took a picture of on Easter Is. Brings back great memories. I love your photos. Great talent.
  • Lou Petkus 82876 - Sunday 7 June 2015 09:38
    You nailed it! Great composition and the rain drops make the image. Not your typical view of a Bleeding Heart. Showing something different from what the crowd does always makes an image stand out.
  • hfritsche - Thursday 4 June 2015 14:19
    Fantastic shot, Lou, but I'm about to throw up.
  • hfritsche - Tuesday 2 June 2015 11:39
    I love this shot Lou. I shot this very photo this spring. You're right. If you don't get there extra early, the best locations are taken. I like my images. I like yours better.