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Peak Design Photo Accessories Equipment Peak Design designs and makes equipment for carrying your camera in a safe, secure, and comfortable manner. They have 24 videos on YouTube that fully explain their line. Type in "Peak Design Video" to locate them. I personally have used their "Capture" system since it was a Kickstarter project, as well as and both the cuff and full-size leashes. I recently ordered the CapturePro with the ProPad and POV kit. Highly recommend!
Light Stalking http;// Educational Numerous articles and how-to information on a wide range of subjects. I've been going to this resource for at least a year. The articles are well-written, the information very useful, and the photography is great. You can sign up for a periodic digest similar to some bulletin boards that will show up in you email. Bryan Lavender
Light Stalking http;// Other This is a 'combo' site that sends you a digest via email on a weekly basis that lists current topics, links to other resources, a weekly photo assignment, reviews, articles, etc. There is a fairly active user community/forum. Very useful site! I've been going to Light Stalking for about a year and still find it one of the more useful sites out there. Submitted by: Bryan Lavender 82823
Image Composite Editor Software Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. Given a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, the application creates a high-resolution panorama that seamlessly combines the original images. (Quote from the ICE web site.) Compatible with a wide range of operating systems. 32- and 64-bit versions. Sort of a poor man's wide-angle lens! Very easy to use and yields very nice results. Also just fun to play with! Also check out the Silverlight Deep Zoom on the web site. Submitted by: Bryan Lavender 82823
ProMaster Photo Accessories A wide range of products. My introduction to ProMaster was through the XC-525 tripod, which I really like - lightweight, compact, solid, and easy to work with. Can't speak to all of ProMaster's products, but if the rest of their gear is as nice as the tripod I bought, it will be good stuff! Submitted by: Bryan Lavender 82823
Mountainsmith backpacks http;// Camera bags/packs Mountainsmith has long been a leader in backpacks and when the gear started to get to be too heavy for a sling-style camera bag, I went to a MS Borealis AT camera pack. The best view of the features of the Borealis AT can be found on Amazon (along with the best price) by typing 'Borealis AT backpack' in the search field. It has a more substantial hip belt than anything in BestBuy and your gear is well-protected. The camera/lens compartment is a little odd to access but it will do a great job of keeping your gear safe. We were familiar with Mountainsmith from our days in mountain search & rescue so knew the quality would be high. The ONLY problem with this pack is that it will hold ALL your gear, including the stuff you don't really need! (Only partially kidding!). You can carry a great deal of stuff besides your camera, so make it a day! submitted by: Bryan Lavender 82823
Timescapes http;// Educational A discussion forum for people interested in time-lapse photography. Yes, time-lapse is most frequently thought of in terms of video, but each frame of that video is an individual photograph! Of special interest to those interested astrophotography, but there is something for everyone. This forum was started by Tom Lowe, creator of the film, "Timescapes". A wealth of good information from people who seem genuinely interested in helping newcomers to the field. Highly recommend! Bryan Lavender 82823
Stolen Camera Finder website Find your stolen camera stolencamerafinder can locate a missing camera by searching for photos on the web that have been taken by that camera. If your camera gets lost or stolen, enter the serial number on this site. If someone posts a photo on line using your stolen camera, Stolen Camera will recognize your lost camera's serial number from the embedded exif data and will contact you. It is a free service. I've never used this service and hopefully, never will! But I checked out the site and it sure looks legit. (Submitted by: Bryan Lavender 82823)
.The Photographer's Ephemeris Software So when exactly IS moonrise tonight... and where? TPE is a map-based tool available for Android or desktop that lets you plan your shoots with information on sunrise/set, moonrise/set, twilight periods, etc. It will even give you the azimuth to the event based on where you are. It works really well with GPS-equipped tablets. And, it's free.Commen You'll wonder how you got along without this tool. Invaluable, especially for those hunting the golden hour. Submitted by: Bryan Lavender 82823
Photography Life http;// Camera Reviews and Educational New products and tutorials. I think this is one of the best camera related websites out there. I check it pretty much daily.Submitted by: Mark Fagan SKP#99408
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